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Which events are relevant to your business in Europe? How can you get an independent view of untested events in new market verticals before committing them to your schedule?
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LEXA Event Research – Making Events work for your business

Our mission .. to provide independent detailed analysis of B2B events to save you time and reduce your risk.

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In deciding which events and exhibitions you will participate in, the critical three S’s ( Significance, Success and Sustainability ) of those events may already be a part of your planning process. We provide additional intelligence to help make those plans work by sending analysts and researchers to events in order to conduct third-party performance analysis. In short, we obtain additional research and intelligence to assist with your event planning and market strategy:

  • Gain insights and balanced feedback from exhibitors at events you are considering
  • Obtain technology analyst perspectives on specific event highlights, disappointments, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Intelligence to help you compare and contrast events that you are considering in specific market verticals.
  • Make more informed decisions on the right events, making your marketing strategy more effective, and gaining you faster access to target customers.  
  • Obtain our recommendations and advisory services on suitable B2B events for your business.

Our research gives you insights in addition to information provided by the organizers : quotes from other exhibitors on the quality and quantity of the attendees they are meeting, number of meetings, reviews on competitors to assess in-booth messaging, and so on. In this way you can build a balanced picture of how well that event can work for you, as well as which types of messaging and displays might work best. We source analysts to look at how well the show is promoted, draw comparisons with similar events, and assess how effectively the event offers the latest technology.

Before attending, we can also conduct desk research to identify industry events in specific geo-regions and obtain direct feedback from exhibitors and speakers, as well as act as the organiser’s point of contact to obtain the marketing information you need to make your assessments, and provide independent  recommendations. 

“ After a detailed brief, Lexa Research provided very good and useful overviews on events within our market segment ” – EnOcean GmbH

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Planning your European event schedule and need some independent analysis? –  We’re either already attending or can attend these events for you!