Hello, I’m Ricky Purnell and I live in Shoreham-by-Sea in the UK, near the beautiful South Downs.   I have two boys, Leo and Alex, which is how I came up with the name Lexa. 

I’ve been working in B2B media, information and events for about 30 years. Most recently I’ve been working on events in the emerging technologies sectors, attending various international trade shows and conferences, talking to exhibitors, delegates and speakers around the world. One thing I came across time and time again was exhibitors with bad experiences of exhibiting at new events, or at established ones that were not moving with the times. 

Finding the right events can be a real challenge as markets continue to fragment and evolve, and with limited or decreasing event marketing budgets, or the need to scale back to focus on other activities such as Digital. But events remain hugely relevant in bringing stakeholders together through the digital transformation. What events are out there in new geo regions or market verticals in which you are need to be aware of, to grow your presence and promote your brand message? What other events should be considered for your next years strategy? When you have a new event on your radar, what information do you need to further support your conference or exhibition choices as being the right ones, to minimize your risks? 

We aim to answer all of these questions, and alongside our partner technology analysts, market researchers and experienced event organisers, we’re here to help.



Whatever you need events to do for you, your need for independent research into suitable events may arise because:

  • Your team simply cannot attend all the events you would like them to
  • You need a detailed research into the event coverage, strengths and weaknesses or your competitors activity
  • You want any research to be conducted confidentially
  • You need to understand which are the right events for your next product launch
  • You need to gather more comprehensive competitive intelligence

Looking for technology conferences in 2020 for your schedule and need some independent analysis? –  We can attend  and research these events for you. View some of the events we are planning to attend Here .

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