A summary of two case studies have recently been added to the website – http://www.lexaresearch.com/case studies. The first project mentioned relates to work done for EnOcean GmBh who wanted to know a bit more about IoT events in the UK. We did quite a bit of research and found no less than 20 events covering the topic or LPWAN and Smart Cities or Buildings which were connected. In each case it was fairly straightforward to obtain information from the event organisers, we had some great input from industry analysts, and after some time we were able to get feedback from past Speakers or Exhibitors from all 20 events. The events covered included Smart IoT London, Connected World Summit, IoT World Europe, Building Tech Live, IP Expo and Industry 4.0 Summit. From this we made our recommendations for EnOcean. The second project was for a major electronics distributor who cannot be named, and they wanted to know about IoT events in two countries in the EMEA region that aligned with their market strategy, report on partners and competitors who participate, and obtain feedback from past exhibitors and speakers. Not only were we able to find new events in those countries that our clients technical marketing teams weren’t aware of, but they appeared to align well with marketing strategy. In the process, we had a great time discovering other sometimes huge events with specific industry focus like rail technologies, and had some great input from the regional offices of KPMG. The event organisers we spoke to, though sometimes wary of talking to us at first, were ultimately excellent in their delivery of information. Thank you!

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