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IoT Events in the UK

 A wireless IoT company headquartered in Germany and focused on the build environment and smart cities needed to identify the best IoT events in the UK that most closely aligned to their market strategy. We identified over 20 UK IoT events and approached past speakers and/or exhibitors obtaining feedback on their experiences at those past events, their views on organisation, audience, and relevance. We also contacted the event organisers obtaining media information to present to the client.

From the final report we provided our client was able to identify several events of interest for attendance, and one event in particular which they had not been aware of which was added to their schedule to exhibit for the following year. 

Semiconductor and IoT related events in Poland and France

A major electronics distributor asked us to identify three Semiconductor and IoT events in France and three in Poland not already on the marketing team’s radar and that aligned with their market strategy. This was with a view to potentially exhibit or sponsor in future, build subscribers, and broaden market reach in those regions.

We identified between 10 – 15 events in both regions and for the three in each region shortlisted, we contacted past speakers and exhibitors for their views on organisation, audience profile, and relevance. We also connected with the event organisers obtaining media information including costs to participate to present to the client.

After studying our report, the technical marketing team informed us that 60% of the events we identified were closely aligned with their market strategy, were new to them , and would be considered during the planning round for next year’s event schedule. 

Manufacturing Events for the Industrial IoT in Germany

Our client asked us to research and identify all manufacturing events in Germany that could provide good connections with industrial equipment manufacturers. Working with IoT and manufacturing analyst partners we identified over 100 events, and were able to score and rank each of them in terms of suitability in relation to the clients marketing objectives. From this list the client was able accurately identify a number of events for us to conduct further research at Stage 2 with organizers, past exhibitors and speakers of those events, utilizing our expertise in event organisation, IoT and additive manufacturing to provide deeper analysis for the final event selection.

For a slide deck, examples of work or schedule a call, contact Ricky Purnell – ricky@lexaresearch.com 


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