Market Intelligence

We provide independent, primary research on B2B events to identify the most effective meetings that will align with your market strategy


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We help you make more efficient use of your event marketing budgets, so your brand reaches more relevant audiences, and your sales teams meet more of the right people.

When you’re considering growth through events in specific regions or market verticals, we can gather detailed independent information on those events in advance, from organisers, trade associations, networks, or even send qualified analysts and researchers to those events to report on quality of event organisation, business being done, or sales leads being generated.

“After a detailed brief, Lexa Research provided very good and useful overviews on events within our market segment ” – EnOcean GmbH

  • Obtain our recommendations and advisory services on suitable B2B events for your business. 
  • Gain insights and balanced feedback from exhibitors
  • Obtain technology analyst perspectives on specific event highlights, disappointments, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Intelligence to help you compare and contrast events that you are considering in specific market verticals.
  • Make more informed decisions on the right events, making your marketing strategy more effective, and gaining you faster access to target customers.  

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